Airport vasectomy sketch, Ylvis 4

Ylvis 4 premiered on January 20th 2010 at Ole Bull Scene in Bergen. The performance sold 30.000 tickets in Bergen and premiered in Oslo on November 3rd at Edderkoppen Teater. The tour ended in early 2013 after playing 212 performances for more than 120 000 people all around Norway.

"Bongo Party" sketch (2011)

Ylvis IV - Bongo Party - ( English subtitles )

Ylvis IV - Bongo Party - ( English subtitles )


Ylvis 4 on DVD

A DVD of Ylvis 4 is a much sought-after item by fans. Fan blog Ylvis Suomi asked Vegard in August of 2015 whether they will ever do one:

[YS] One of the questions most people wonder about is are you going to release Ylvis 4 on DVD?

[VEGARD] Yeah… I don’t know why we haven’t.

You could do it as a digital download.

Yeah. Well we should. We have too many things to think about. And you don’t make very much money on these things so… We have it on tape. Has it been aired? No.

I don’t think anybody’s seen it except if they were there.

Maybe it should be just, you know, a cult thing. Because people would be disappointed if they saw it.

You think so?

I don’t know. If it has already become like this mysterious project that no-one knows about.

Maybe you should just release it bit by bit, one minute from the middle of the show appears in some secret place and somebody finds it. People are pretty good detectives, because you’re so secretive. They start looking for stuff.

It’s kind of freaky sometimes, yeah. No, we should do that. I’m not sure what we’ve done with it. I think we just recorded it and we haven’t done any post-production at all. So it’s going to take some effort. These times are hard, you know, not for television, television is fine, but for selling DVDs and CDs and stuff like that. I don’t understand that business. There are so many strange things.