Vegard Ylvisåker
Vegard prof
Vegard Ylvisåker
Name Vegard Urheim Ylvisåker
Birthday 19.May 1979
Status Married
Twitter name @vegardino
Vegard Ylvisåker is the oldest son in the Ylvisåker family. He has two younger brothers, Bård and Bjarte. Vegard was born in Trondheim, but he grew up in Bergen, he also spent some time in Africa during his childhood, because of his father, Hans Terje's work. They where first in Mozambique (1986 - 1989) and again in Angola (1993 - 1995). Vegard is married to Helene Helgesen, together they have 3 children.

His brother Bård was discovered by Peter Brandt at Fana Skoleteater, and he asked Vegard to join him for the audition, and that was the beginning of "Ylvis".

He was the Norwegian singing voice in the movie "Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron" in 2002. Vegard is very proud of the fact that he is a licensed pilot. His younger brother, Bjarte, is training to be a helicopter pilot. There is a dream of a business based on flying, including all 3 brothers in Norway.