Ylvis with the winner "Samson". Foto: Foto: TVNorge

Nordens Herligste (Nordic Delightful) is a non-fiction comedy show that aired on TVNorge in 2010. Bård and Vegard co-hosted the show. Nordens Herligste was a follow up from the very popular Norges Herligste, which aired in 2007-2008. The only difference in this season was that guests from Sweden, Denmark and Finland were also a part of the show. It was later released on DVD.

The show featured people from Scandinavia and Finland with unusual hobbies, interesting collections, unconventional lifestyles or just fun, eccentric personalities Through out the season the viewers could vote for their favorite, and in the end the "Nordens Herligste" would be picked. It didn't end with a gala, like Norges Herligste, but a special episode. 6 finalists from the season gathered at Bårdshaug Herregård where they competed in some absurd competitions Three finalists from Norges Herligste were the jury and were responsible to pick a winner. The winner was John Hasselquist aka "Samson" from Norway. The audience award went to Elna Leiten "Poesidamen" from Norway.

Episode List

Episode # Air Date Participants
1 2010-04-06 Indianermannen (Sweden) – Hannibal Hildorf (Danmark) – Operamannen (Norway) – Nakenbøymannen (Norway) – Vinduspusseren (Norway)
2 2010-04-13 Dra-bil-med-kuken-mannen (Sweden) – Samson (Norway) – Sminkemannen (Sweden) – Sirkusmannen (Norway) – Prontosaurusmannen (Finland)
3 2010-04-20 Berlinmurkvinnen (Sweden) – Antennemannen (Norway) – Dommeren (Norway) – James Bond-mannen  (Sweden) –  Entertainermannen (Sweden)
4 2010-04-27 Jodlemannen  (Norway) – Gjørmebryteren (Denmark) – Hestepiskmannen (Norway) –Togmannen (Norway) – Den falske Marquis (Denmark) – Da Vinci-mannen (Sweden)
5 2010-05-04 Basehopperen (Norway) – Moskémannen (Sweden) – Låtskriverdamen (Norway) – Naturmerkemannen (Denmark) – Toneskalamannen (Sweden)
6 2010-05-11 Kalvøyamannen (Norway) – Parabolmannen (Norway) – Rally-Hansen (Norway) – Pontiak (Sweden) –Moster (Sweden) – Vannpistolmannen (Finland)
7 2010-05-18 Poesidamen (Norway) – Dyrehagemannen (Sweden) – Gå-sakte-mannen  (Sweden) – Oppfinneren (Finland) – Bror Wyller (Norway)
8 2010-05-25 Altmuligmannen (Norway) –Surkålmannen (Norway) – Parfymemannen (Norway) – Hilsemannen (Norway) –Kjole-Ole (Denmark) – Ubåtmannen (Denmark)
9 2010-06-01 Finale

Video Clips 

All clips subtitled in English unless otherwise noted. Not all Nordens Herligste episodes are available on Youtube.