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Who wore it better?

The leopard thong is an undergarment worn by both Ylvis brothers in separate episodes of Norges Herligste.

The thong was first seen in the Big Boy segment of Episode 4 (air date: 2007/12/10.) Vegard was urged to try it on by both Vidar and the show`s producer and wore it through most of the segment as he was spanked, groped on the bum and got his hair cut by Vidar.

Bård wore the thong in the Stein-saks-papirmannen segment of Episode 11 (air date: 2008/02/18) He put it on after losing a rock-paper-scissors tournament, walked through the streets wearing it and went into a shop to buy throat lozenges.

The current whereabouts of the leopard thong is unknown.

Leopard Thong Appearances

Ylvis - "Norges Herligste" Big Boy (Eng

Ylvis - "Norges Herligste" Big Boy (Eng. subs)

Ylvis - "Norges Herligste " Stein, saks, papirmannen (Eng

Ylvis - "Norges Herligste " Stein, saks, papirmannen (Eng. subs)