I Kveld Med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis) was a Norwegian TV talk show hosted by Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker, with Calle Hellevang-Larsen as a their co-host. Intern Magnus Devold was also a regular feature on the show, getting an increasingly larger role in subsequent seasons.


The format of I Kveld Med Ylvis is similar to American late-night talk shows, mixing guest interviews with pranks, sketches and parody music videos done by Ylvis. The show airs on TVNorge and has consistently been one of the network's top-rated shows.

I Kveld Med Ylvis debuted on TVNorge 21 September, 2011. For Season 2 (2012), Calle was replaced by Swedish stand-up comedian David Batra. Calle was starring in a parody news show on TV2 with his own troupe, the Raske Menn (Fast Men) that year.

The fifth and final season of I Kveld Med Ylvis aired from January to March of 2016.

The first season of I Kveld Med Ylvis was produced by Funkerhauser Productions, a company owned by comedians Harald Eia and Bård Tufte Johansen. In the spring of 2012  Ylvis and their manager Jørgen Thue started the production company Concorde TV, which produced seasons 2 through 5 of the show.

The first 3 seasons of I Kveld Med Ylvis were taped at Riksscenen in Oslo with a live audience. Starting with season 4 the show is broadcast live from the Folketeatret in Oslo.

Ylvis came to global attention at the start of Season 3 (September 2013) when they posted a video for a song called The Fox on Youtube as a teaser for the new season. The Fox was a parody of EDM they recorded with Norwegian production team Stargate, and was intended to be a flop that they could joke about on their show. To Ylvis' amazement, The Fox went viral almost immediately and led to them spending much of the season flying around the world for interviews and TV appearances - including a memorable performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Season 5 kicked off with a special UNICEF fundraiser broadcast on 22 December, 2015 and the regular season began 5 January , 2016. Season 5 also included special Youtube episodes in English, called Tonight with Ylvis, that were taped backstage after the main show had finished.

The final episode of I Kveld Med Ylvis aired 15 March, 2016.

Season One

Episode List

# Air Date Guests Videos
1 21.09.2011 Thomas Giertsen and Anna Anka Work It
2 26.09.2011 Linn Skåber and Thomas Seltzer La det på is
3 26.09.2011 Sigrid Bonde Tusvik and Jaysuma Saidy Ndure
4 28.09.2011 Atle Antonsen and Katzenjammer
5 03.10.2011 Kristoffer Joner and Jonas Gardell
6 05.10.2011 Madcon and Joe Labero
7 10.10.2011 Tone Damli and Aleksander Schau
8 12.10.2011 Hege Schøyen and Jo Røislien
9 17.10.2011 Fabian Stang and Christina Vukicevic
10 19.10.2011 Terje Sporsem and Jan Gunnar Røise
11 24.10.2011 Sondre Lerche and Else Kåss Furuseth
12 26.10.2011 Erlend Loe and Gabrielle Leithaug
13 31.10.2011 Bare Egil and Live Nelvik Stonehenge
14 02.11.2011 Davy Wathne and Maya Vik
15 07.11.2011 Maria Mena and Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard
16 09.11.2011 Hans Olav Brenner and Jenny Skavlan Sammen finner vi frem
17 14.11.2011 Kristoffer Schau and Kristin Halvorsen

The I Kveld Med Ylvis Pilot:


Katzenjammer Scandal

After two members of Norwegian band Katzenjammer were interviewed on episode 4, the Norwegian tabloid VG reported that the women had accidentally flashed their panties and posted a video clip on its website to prove it. Katzenjammer were unconcerned and Ylvis responded on the next show with video footage that had allegedly been edited out of their previous appearance. It featured both women sitting with their legs wide apart and getting spanked while chatting with Ylvis.

Season Two

Episode List

# Air Date Guests Videos
1 12.09.2012 Steinar Sagen, Tore Sagen, Bjarte Tjøstheim and Viktoria Winge Someone Like Me
2 16.09.2012 Espen Eckbo and LidoLido
3 19.09.2012 Lillian Müller and The Pajama Men Big in Kirgisistan 1

Jeg heter Finn

4 23.09.2012 Zahid Ali, Mudasser Kahn and Andreas Wahl
5 26.09.2012 Erik Solbakken and Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Big in Kirgisistan 2
6 30.09.2012 Anders Baasmo Christiansen and Ezinne Okparaebo Jan Egeland
7 03.10.2012 John Brungot, Magnus Eliassen and Erik Eliassen Big in Kirgisistan 3
8 07.10.2012 Alex Rosén and Alexandra Joner
9 10.10.2012 Karpe Diem and Josephine Bornebusch Big in Kirgisistan 4
10 14.10.2012 Cecilia Brækhus and Kåre Magnus Bergh
11 17.10.2012 Pia Tjelta and Aslak Nore Big in Kirgisistan 5
12 21.10.2012 Petter Schjerven and Leo Ajkic Janym
13 24.10.2012 Jon Øigarden and Are Sende Osen Big in Kirgisistan 6
14 28.10.2012 Marte Stokstad and Kriss Kaspersen The Sixties
15 31.10.2012 Eyvind Hellstrøm and Admiral P Big in Kirgisistan 7
16 04.11.2012 Harald Eia, Bård Tufte Johansen and Åse Kleveland
17 07.11.2012 Trond-Viggo Torgersen and Agnes Kittelsen Pressure
18 11.11.2012 UNICEF-spesial: Bernt Apeland, Didrik Solli-Tangen, Charlotte Thorstvedt and Jan Egeland
19 14.11.2012 Dagfinn Lyngbø and Anne Sandvik Lindmo Da vet du at det er jul


Season Three

Episode List

# Air Date Guests Videos
1 10.09.2013 Pernille Sørensen, Bas Lansdorp and Alfred Sandvig
2 12.09.2013 Henriette Steenstrup and Roger Antonsen
3 17.09.2013 Tommy Steine and Sandra Lyng Haugen
4 19.09.2013 Einar Tørnquist and Petter Bøckman The Cabin
5 24.09.2013 Ingrid Olava and Kristian Valen
6 26.09.2013 Christian Ringnes and Harald Eia
7 01.10.2013 Per Kristian Thorsland, Per Heimly, Ari Behn and Mariann Hole
8 03.10.2013 Little Steven, Ronny Aase and Live Johnsrud Nelvik
9 08.10.2013 Solveig Kloppen, Steinar Ofsdal, Rune Nilsson and Per Olav Alvestad
10 10.10.2013 Lars Vaular and Charter-Svein
11 15.10.2013 Hasse Hope, Erik Solbakken and Truls Heggero
12 17.10.2013 Knut Nærum and Ellen Blinkenberg
13 22.10.2013 Thomas Dybdahl and Siri Kristiansen Massachusetts
14 24.10.2013 Maria Mena and Bertolt Meyer
15 29.10.2013 Atle Antonsen, Johan Golden and Selda Ekiz
16 31.10.2013 Dag O. Hessen and Bård Tufte Johansen
17 05.11.2013 Odd Nordstoga and Ole André Sivertsen
18 07.11.2013 Ane Dahl Torp and Bjørn Eidsvåg
19 12.11.2013 UNICEF-spesial: Bernt Apeland, Hege-Anette Havik, Anne Havik Henriksen, Petter Schjerven and Jens Stoltenberg
20 14.11.2013 Best of season 3, part 1
21 19.11.2013 Best of season 3, part 2


Season Four

Episode List

# Air Date Guests Videos
1 16.09.2014 Erna Solberg Trucker`s Hitch
2 23.09.2014 Morten Ramm
3 30.09.2014 Marion Ravn Mr. Toot
4 07.10.2014 Jakob Oftebro
5 14.10.2014 Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, Simen Agdestein, Reza e i Ragazzi I Will Never Be A Star
6 21.10.2014 Frederik Skavlan
7 28.10.2014 Erik Thorstvedt and Svein Tore Østvik (Charter-Svein) Yoghurt
8 04.11.2014 Steinar Sagen
9 11.11.2014 Einar Tørnquist Ytterst på tissen
10 18.11.2014 Thomas Numme, Harald Rønneberg and Kygo Intolerant
11 25.11.2014 UNICEF-spesial: Bernt Apeland, Cecilie Skog, Magnus Skredderberget, Bjørn Skredderberget and Jarle Andhøy
12 09.12.2014 Best of season 4, part 1
13 16.12.2014 Best of season 4, part 2

Season Four Teasers

Highlights (**needs updating)

Season Five


Pre-Show Clips:

Episode List

# Air Date Guests Video
1 05.01.2016 Susanne Sundfør a capella
2 12.01.2016 Jarle Bernhoft
3 19.01.2016 Stian Blipp Old Friends
4 26.01.2016 Selda Ekiz
5 02.02.2016 Tore Sagen
6 09.02.2016 Bjørn Kjos
7 16.02.2016 Vidar Magnussen
8 23.02.2016 Kjersti Buaas and Andreas Ygre Wiig
9 01.03.2016 Jon Almaas Engine for Gabriel
10 08.03.2016 Ine Jansen
11 15.03.2016 Ronny Brede Aase Language of Love

Special Youtube Episode List

# Air Date Link
1 05.01.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 1
2 12.01.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 2
3 19.01.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 3
4 26.01.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 4
5 02.02.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 5
6 09.02.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 6
7 16.02.2016 Tonight with Ylvis and Ylvek 7
8 23.02.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 8
9 01.03.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 9
10 08.03.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 10
11 15.03.2016 Tonight with Ylvis 11


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