Bjarte Ylvisåker
Bjarte Ylvisåker in Spektrum
Name Bjarte Urheim Ylvisåker
Birthday 26. July 1989
Status Private Information
Twitter name @MrUglum

Bjarte Ylvisåker is the youngest Ylvisaker brother. He was born in Bergen, Norway and spent a short amount of time in Africa as a young child. He participated in a few TV shows when he was quite young, and did quite well. However, he has said that he is not interested in show business [needs a source] and spent several years in the United States training as a helicopter pilot.

I Will Never Be A Star

Although Bjarte hasn't pursued a show business career, he debuted his own song, I Will Never Be A Star, at the first Expensive Jacket Tour show on 28 February 2014 at Oslo Spektrum, and toured off and on with his brothers for the remainder of the year.

The song was included on Ylvis' CD Volume 1 and the music video debuted on I Kveld Med Ylvis 19 November, 2014.

I Will Never Be A Star became a Number 1 download on Cambodia iTunes in December of 2014, and Bjarte won a 2015 Nordic Music Video Best Artist Performance award for the song, along with director (and frequent Ylvis collaborator) Ole Martin Hafsmo. Much to the amusement of his brothers Bård and Vegard, Bjarte's first name was misspelled as Bjarne on the prize.

According to his brother Bård, Bjarte helped write the song Yoghurt, also on Volume 1. [needs a source]

I Will Never be a Star - Live at Oslo Spektrum

Ylvis in spektrum - Bjarte ylvisåker - I will never be a star

Ylvis in spektrum - Bjarte ylvisåker - I will never be a star

28 February 2014 - Oslo Spektrum

2001 Performance with Bård and Vegard

Ylvis featuring Bjarte - Absolutt Norsk, 2001

Ylvis featuring Bjarte - Absolutt Norsk, 2001. Bjarte Ylvisåker